Blogger’s Note! :)

Hey guys!

So I just wanted to fill you all in on a quick note…

These next few weeks (the next 4-5 weeks to be exact) I am going to be extremely busy. I am finishing my studies in year 11, and have my end-of-year exams roughly 4 weeks from now. So my primary focus will be on preparing for these exams.

I love writing so much, and so that is why I am going to try my hardest to keep writing for all of you and for myself whenever I have free time & am in the mood for it! I will aim to make at least one blog post per week, however if I am inactive for a couple weeks at a time, please note that I’ve just been caught up in a little whirlwind called life, and I will be back very soon ❤

Thanks to all you lovely people for understanding!

I hope to write to you all again soon. And remember – be kind to your mind!

Cheers for now 🙂




6 thoughts on “Blogger’s Note! :)

  1. Thanks for keeping us informed 🙂 Also, try not to worry too much if you can’t get a post out one week. In my experience, and from other bloggers I have talked to, it happens more than you realize because life can be busy and unpredictable and stuff happens. Good luck with your exams! You got this! 😀 I’m planning on returning your email later on today! Xoxo

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    1. That’s alright 💖 thanks so much. That’s great advice. I definitely don’t want to add this to the list of things to worry about! I’m hoping to keep it as something I enjoy ☺️ and thank you!!! It’s always difficult to manage stress and balance studying with relaxation, especially with heightened anxiety, but I’m working on it! 💪🏼 May even write something on it sometime soon… anyway, no worries! Take all the time you need :)💕 I understand our time zones are very different with me in Australia so it can be hard to reply straight away!

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      1. Hey my dear, you are very welcome! I emailed you back, don’t worry about rushing to it. Whenever you have time is fine! I am curious to know what the time zone difference is between the two of us. It is currently 1:15 pm in PA, USA.

        You are right, you really don’t need anything else to worry about! Just post as you are able to. Your studies definitely take a priority over blogging! You can blog quick during breaks or evenever you find the free time. I often use the scheduling feature for certain posts if I know I have free time one day but not another.

        I think doing a post about how you are balancing everything would be excellent! You definitely have your hands full! I don’t have nearly as much going as you and I have a hard time finding balance! You’re doing great! 😀 Talk to you soon!

        -Samantha 💖

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      2. Awesome!! I will check it out when I can 🙂

        When you sent this reply 5 hours ago, it was 1:15am for me hahah! Right now it’s 7:01am 😄 so 12 hours difference!

        Ahh thank you so much, I don’t know how I do it sometimes haha!! Balancing work, horses, school, all my other animals, family, friends and anything else that comes up… I’ve learnt to try and take it all as it comes 🙂 but I’ve also been victim to stress many a times so I’m no stranger to it.

        If I can ask, how does the scheduling feature work?

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      3. Omg, yes! What a time difference that is! So, would that mean you’re in the past or in the future lol. Is it now Sunday or Monday for you? It is Sunday @ 7:07pm for me right now. Sorry, I am a bit off sometimes lol. Time zone differences fascinate me since i have never been out of mine. Lol. I usually only travel locally or at most 3-4 hours away.

        For sure your life balancing skills would make a fabulous post. I would love to find out how you manage to do it all! I hope you don’t try to tackle everything at once because once you get older, you burn out a lot quicker! I know first-hand all too well!

        So, for the scheduling feature (I believe it comes with the free plan as well) After you create a post, you go to where it has “Publish Immediately” Or It may say the date and time you started the post, but you click on that and it should bring up a calendar so you can choose what day and time you want your post to get published. It is amazing feature. You can create a post today and schedule it for next week.

        If you need help finding it or figuring it out some more, just shoot me an email because I can probably walk you through it with more details and/or using pics. 😀

        Let me know what you think then! Xoxo

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      4. Haha that’s alright!! I’ve been to 2 different countries (New Zealand and indonesia) as well as traveling within Australia, but new time differences still interest me 🙂 and I am in the future – it’s Monday 3:36pm for me right now!!

        Ahh thank you so much that definitely sounds sooo helpful 😍 I will definitely be using that. And yes – I have burnt myself out many a times!! But I like to think that I am getting better at managing stress and developing tactics to calm me down 🙂

        Thanks again for all of your support! 💕

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