Hiya!! 💓👋🏼

My name is Breanna. I am a 17 year old student from Western Australia and have been diagonised with generalised anxiety. I suffer from insomnia, depressive episodes and moments of panic.

I am not in any serious danger. But I am a sufferer, like so many of us. And I am not afraid to speak up about it. Like so many of us are.

So I’m going to speak up about it, for the ones who can’t, or won’t. Mental health has been shunned to the sidelines for too long.

And I am here to offer up my experiences, to share my struggles, and to give my words to help, for anyone who wants to read it.

Friends, this is a space to talk about mental health openly without limitations. Like the world should be.

So here we are.

I thank you for reading, and for showing interest in my journey.

We are sufferers together. We are strong and united.

You are amazing. You can do this. And you are never alone. ✌🏼💞



4 thoughts on “Hello❤️

    1. Oh thank you! 💖 I will get right onto it 😀 also, I am so sorry it is taking me forever to read your book. I feel awful as you’ve given me a free copy and I still have not read even half of it let alone written a review. I will do it as soon as I find time… life is just very busy and chaotic right now, being in year 12 😣 I hope you are going okay! ❤️

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      1. You are very welcome, sweetie! And it is okay, no worries. I totally understand. Take your time, and when you get to it just shoot me an email! I hope you are doing well! I have been meaning to email you to see how you have been, but I just haven’t gotten around to it… yet. 💖😍

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