Human Emotions


Because guess what?

They’re HUMAN.

We are ALL entitled to feel.

The next time you feel mad, like you could break something, let yourself scream into your pillow. Or at the top of a hill. Or vent to a friend. Or go for a run. Release some steam in a healthy way. Because this is healthy. Compressing it and packaging it into neat little squares of hatred is not.

The next time you feel like crying, let yourself cry. Allow yourself the comfort from someone who cares. If you’re feeling depressed, don’t make yourself feel guilty by telling yourself you “can’t” feel this way, because “you don’t deserve to feel sad”. Because “there’s always someone worse off”. Because “your problems are insignificant”. Well, they’re NOT!

Just because an emotion is seen as negative, or even undesirable, doesn’t mean it’s negative to feel it. It’s actually incredibly important.

You deserve to feel 🙂☀️

And you deserve to express how you feel ❤️



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