The View of Suicide in Society – and how it’s Stigmatised.

Suicide is not a topic to be taken lightly. It is not a word to be thrown around, and should never be attached to a certain “image”. This can be a reality check for some people – as in, we need to stop the jokes.

We all respond to life in different ways. The fact that we have stigmatised the appearance and representation of mental health distorts this view. Anyone can have suicidal thoughts, no matter your background, your circumstances, your status. Suicidal thoughts are not selective. They do not pick and choose. And no, they do not always have to mean the person experiencing them genuinely wants to die – they can be unwanted, pervasive thoughts and it is so incredibly important we address them without judgement.

I think we often get so wrapped up within our own lives, that we tend to forget what RUOK day really involves. So I invite you this week to reflect on your own knowledge of this issue, work to remove any negative stigma that could be attached to your perception, and treat everyone you come across with compassion and consideration. Take a moment to think about the young, the old, and the entire families affected by this worldwide issue.

I am a survivor.

I am a fighter.

I am proud of each and every person who gets out of bed on their worst days, and I am proud of those who don’t… but choose to remain on this beautiful planet, even just for one more day.

And I lived to see another day 💙

Remember, you are worth it. Help is always available and ready. Never be afraid to reach out for it, for it is the most powerful thing you can do; there is no shame in demonstrating such strength. 

You are never alone.

#suicidepreventionday #RUOKday


13 11 14 (Lifeline Australia)

1-800-273-8255 (US National Suicide Prevention Hotline)


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